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The Faculty room for Hogwarts Pride

Faculty Common Room for HogwartsPride
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All Members

Be sure if you are part of this community to POST IT AS FRIENDS-ONLY!


Headmistress/Deputy Headmistress

· Be active enough to monitor community
· May give or take points from houses
· Will plan and post contests and activities
· Must be able to be ready for any occurrence that may happen in the community whether it be good or bad
· Be able to tend to needs of the community
· Can answer questions from community members

Basic Overview – Headmistress and Deputy Headmistress will look over the community and make it an active and better place. Will post all info needed for community members and updates. Pretty much in charge of everything.

Head of Houses

· May suggest to headmistress/deputy headmistress that points be taken/given
· Be active enough to monitor their house
· Can suggest ideas to the Headmistress and Deputy Headmistress of ways to make the community a better place
· Must be available to the needs of their house
· Should monitor the access to their common rooms, thus may request to be a monitor of the community, so they can changed layouts and userinfo and so on.
· Must be able to be ready for any occurrence that may happen in their house whether it be good or bad

Basic Overview – Head of Houses will look over the house they are in. They will take suggestions from their house and tell them to the Headmistress and Deputy Headmistress. They will post new information that is just for their house in the common rooms. May suggest to the Headmistress or Deputy Headmistress that points be taken/given to houses.


· Able to assist their Head of House
· May suggest that points be given or taken from a house
· Able to take over Head of House position when needed
· Has serious input in bettering the community

Basic Overview – Will be an assistant to the Head of House and become Head of House when the Head of House resigns. Will have input.